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Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the possibility of Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz fighting at UFC 219, but not surprisingly, Colby Covington has a very different opinion, on who should challenge for the welterweight belt.

Since Covington worked his way to a clear cut decision win over Demian Maia last month, “Chaos” has been driving hard for a scrap with the champ, Woodley. Recently, however, it’s been reported that the UFC is looking at having Woodley fight Diaz on December 30th. According to Woodley, he’s agreed to fight Diaz at UFC 219, but he’s waiting for the Stockton star to sign on.

Well, recently Covington spoke with BJ Radio, and while doing so, he said the following about Diaz (quote via MMA Mania):

“I respect Nate Diaz. He’s a great fighter. He’s had a great career in the UFC. He’s a gamer. He’s tough as nails. But, as far as in the Octagon, I don’t respect him. I mean, the guy sucks, man. He’s got a good gas tank. He’s beaten a lot of guys just off gas, you know, just off wearing guys out, you know? But, as far as a fighter, you know? He doesn’t really bring much to the table. He’s not a great striker. He’s not a powerful guy. He’s not … I mean, he’s a pretty good grappler, like, jiu jitsu-wise. But, wrestling nullifies that. But, you know, he’s just, he doesn’t belong at welterweight. You know, he’s a great lightweight. That’s what I’m trying to say. He’s not a good welterweight. I don’t know. It’s a joke if he gets the fight.”

Now, not a lot of folks would likely agree that Diaz “sucks”. After all, this is a guy who isn’t that far removed from a win over Conor McGregor, and Covington did note that Diaz is a “great lightweight”.

But, there are certainly people who have questioned why Diaz should receive a title shot at 170, considering he hasn’t defeated a top ranked welterweight. Currently Diaz isn’t even ranked in the top 15 of the division.

Since the UFC’s year end cards are typically stacked, however, and UFC 219 is relatively thin right now, the promotion will likely move forward with this, if it can be finalized. If you’re a purist, when it comes to match-making, you’re probably not on board.