Image Credit: USA Today Sports

Tyron Woodley clearly isn’t ready to abandon a proposed, December 3oth bout with Nate Diaz, as he continues to campaign for that fight to happen. In fact, the welterweight champ is accusing the Stockton star of ducking him.

Recently eyebrows were raised throughout MMA when it was reported the UFC has approached Woodley and Diaz about fighting at UFC 219. Since the latter isn’t even ranked in the top 15 at 170, it’s certainly not a bout that was on anybody’s radar. Not only that, but Woodley injured his shoulder this past summer when he defeated Demian Maia, and no one was expecting him to fight this year.

Well, Woodley, however, has made it clear that he’s down to fight at the event, but he claims Diaz, isn’t. While talking to TMZ Sports recently, Woodley laid into Diaz and then some. Here’s some of what the champ had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I’m fired up about people that tell you ‘Don’t be scared, homie,’ and then they’re scared, homie! That’s what I’m fired up about,”

“[It’s] not a possible fight, [it’s] a 50-percent completed fight. You got one half of the party that’s been offered, that’s accepted, that’s out here with their bag at Wildcard Boxing getting punched by world champions and then you got the other side that’s got a whole bunch of excuses. So that’s what I’m kind of fired up about.”

“[The problem is that Nate Diaz] is scared. Guys in our sport pump their gums quite a bit and they get you to think that they’re these huge, tough guys, they’re these gangsters, that they’ll fight anybody, anytime. Then when you get in front of a person like me, then the crickets come out. Then they don’t really want to fight. It happened with Bisping, it happened with Georges St-Pierre, it happened with Conor McGregor, it happened with Nick Diaz, big brother, and now it’s happening with baby brother so I guess it’s in the bloodline.”

Now, it is true that Diaz espouses to be a fighter who will take on anyone, anywhere. But, he’s also made it clear in recent years that he’s not willing to fight, unless a big check is tied to the scrap. When you consider that Diaz has been involved in two of the biggest fights now in UFC history, his bouts with Conor McGregor, the outspoken fighter’s price has likely risen considerably.

So, one would think that money is a big hurdle here, in terms of finalizing the bout.

UFC 219 will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.