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Colby Covington has been accusing Tyron Woodley of ducking him, and some have argued the latter should jump on that bout, but the welterweight champ isn’t interested…for now.

Covington has been campaigning for a fight with Woodley for a while, but following his win over Demian Maia last month, the contender’s argued he’s the “money fight” for the champ. Although Covington isn’t one of the promotion’s biggest names yet, he has won five straight, and has been in the news a ton, due to the controversial comments he’s made about Brazil. Those comments also led to an altercation with Fabricio Werdum last week in Australia, which also made a bazillion headlines.

So, why isn’t Woodley taking Covington up on his challenge? At a time when a lot of people are talking about the rising fighter? Well, during the latest “MMA Hour”, the champion said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“When I’m looking down the scope and I’m looking through my sniper rifle, you’re (Covington) not in the crosshairs,” Woodley said Monday. “There’s so many other fighters that are right in that mix that I’m looking at. There’s guys who are fighting, maybe rematches and former champions from different divisions, and people who are really running through it. There’s a lot of hungry guys, and he’s in that category with guys like Darren Till, Kamaru Usman. He’s right in there.

“The difference between them and him: Those guys are doing it with their gloves. They’re doing it with their actions. He’s just thinking that he’s supposed to talk his way into a title shot, and it’s sad that our sport does that.”

There’s no question that Covington isn’t the only surging fighter who’s been making noise in the welterweight division. As both Till and Usman have also scored some impressive wins. While Covington has been in the spotlight more than those two more recently, really, Woodley has a lot more to lose than gain from fighting “Chaos” at this juncture.

At the end of the day, Covington is not the draw that Georges St-Pierre, Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz are, and those are all fights Woodley’s called for. If Robbie Lawler defeats Rafael dos Anjos on December 16th, then one could make the case that a rematch with Woodley would also be bigger than fighting Covington.

More recently, Woodley’s reported that he’s agreed to fight Diaz on December 30th, but the Stockton fighter, hasn’t signed on.