Image Credit: USA Today Sports

A fired up Nik Lentz called out American Top Team, following his memorable win over Will Brooks last weekend, and the veteran fighter isn’t backing away from another showdown with any of his former teammates.

Lentz battled Brooks at UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney, and although he ate plenty of jabs, the rugged lightweight won the fight with a beautifully executed, guillotine choke in round two. The two had been booked to fight at UFC 216 last month, but Lentz had to withdraw due to medical issues. According to Lentz, his former teammates and Brooks accused him of bailing on the bout, but later it was confirmed the fighter was dealing with  hypoglycemia.

Well, “The Carny” evidently didn’t care for some of the things some ATT members said, or didn’t, as Lentz recently told MMA Junkie this:

“This is one of the first times that I’ve had, like, a serious medical issue, and my old team threw it in my face,” Lentz said. “Like, ‘Hey, you’re running, you’re scared.’ Not one of them even messaged me to check on me or anything. And I have to admit that hurts. That’s supposed to be my family.”

“When it comes down to it, it was f*cked up. And there’s no two ways to put it,” Lentz also stated. “It’s f*cked up when your old family throws you under the bus and says you’re scared. Because I ain’t scared of Will Brooks. I ain’t scared of anyone at ATT.”

So, if you were unaware of the backdrop to why Lentz called out ATT after his win last weekend, now you know. In terms of not being scared of anyone at ATT, those are some bold words. The South Florida gym is home to many top tier fighters, but if you just want to focus on lightweights, the likes of Dustin Poirier, Marc Diakiese and Rashid Magomedov, among others, are part of the team.

But, when you consider Lentz has nearly 40 fights on his resume, and has been fighting professionally since 2005, chances are he would be more than willing to fight any of the team’s 155’ers.