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Georges St-Pierre said that if he lost at UFC 217 he would hang up the gloves, and although that didn’t happen, his former training partner believes the star could walk away from fighting for good.

When St-Pierre announced he was returning to the UFC earlier this year, he said he has big plans for his comeback, and that he wanted to take the biggest fights possible. Not ‘fights’ is plural. But, the 36 year-old said if he lost to Michael Bisping, he would retire.

Well, as you know, GSP choked Bisping out to secure the middleweight championship, and as a result, there’s been a lot of talk about what will be next for the former welterweight champ. Cote was a guest on “The MMA Hour” recently, and while discussing GSP, the retired fighter said this (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“I will not be surprised if he said ‘okay it’s over, I just wanted to feel that feeling again,’” said Cote. “You know why I say that? Because it took him so much time to get out of the cage.

“He was standing in the cage and he was kind of feeling everything, he wanted to grab all the emotion. He was in the cage for almost 20 minutes after the fight, so he was looking away, he looking at everything — it looks like he was grabbing all the energy, and just to say that ‘Alright, that was that. I did it, and I’m not going to miss that anymore.’”

“I don’t know. This was the feeling I had when I was (retiring in New York), but we’ll see. I’m not going to be surprised if he’s done with fighting.”

Now, Cote isn’t the only person to make comments like this. Shortly after UFC 217, Kenny Florian also said he wouldn’t be surprised if St-Pierre was done. After all, ending your career on a such an historic note, would certainly be a great way to do it.

Cote also said that if GSP does continue to fight, he doesn’t believe the new champ will stay at 185. Cote noted that St-Pierre talked about how hard it was to put on weight, and that the latter has nothing to prove, by fighting bigger men.

So, we’ll see what happens. Maybe GSP’s team will tell the UFC that fighting at 185 isn’t doable, and that the promotion can either let him vacate the title and fight at a lower weight, or he’ll hang up the gloves?