Michael Bisping has long been regarded as one of the more polarizing fighters in the game, but as his scrap with Kelvin Gastelum nears, the British star’s admitted it’s nice not having to sling trash at his opponent.

Bisping agreed to step up and fight Gastelum on short notice at UFC Fight Night 122, after the latter’s original opponent, Anderson Silva, was notified of a USADA flag. The November 25th fight will be Bisping’s second of the month, as on November 4th, he was choked out by Georges St-Pierre and lost the middleweight title.

If you followed the lead-up to that fight, then you know Bisping was up to his old, promotional tricks, as he repeatedly insulted and threatened the legendary fighter. But, since Bisping agreed to fight Gastelum, the brash fighter has been somewhat reserved. Why’s that?

Well, while talking to MMA Junkie recently, Bisping said this (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“It’s very refreshing not to be doing it,” Bisping said, while referring to the fact he hasn’t been trash talking Gastelum. “It’s so nice, it is, because what am I gonna do? No one’s gonna pay attention, anyway. You can’t build anything. Maybe if we had a whole thing (for) a couple of months and we did interviews. Because that’s how it happens, I see him, he says something, and I respond, and before you know it, it builds. (There) hasn’t been time for that.”

“Kelvin’s a great guy. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Kelvin. This isn’t on pay-per-view – I’m not trying to sell pay-per-views or any of that. Kelvin seems like a very, very nice guy – apart from the fact he does a little bit too much pouting on Instagram. Other than that, he seems like a lovely guy.”

There you have it. Bisping makes a lot of good points here. What’s the point in drumming up drama if the card’s not pay-per-view? And if no beef exists?

Whether you’re a fan of Bisping or not, it’s important to note that he often credits his opponents after they fight, as he did with GSP (he also complimented St-Pierre before UFC 217, but the compliments were typically mixed in with insults…).

Further, we can’t say for sure if it’s correlated, but UFC 217 did pull big PPV numbers, despite the fact leading up to the card, many questioned whether it would.

UFC FN 122 will take place on Saturday in Shanghai, China.