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Conor McGregor is one of only four fighters to win titles in two UFC divisions, but according to Jose Aldo, the superstar isn’t really the lightweight champ, just yet.

McGregor won the 155 title last November, by stopping Eddie Alvarez in the second round at UFC 205. The former featherweight champ, however, hasn’t competed in the Octagon since. Instead, McGregor threw hands with undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather this past August, in what was one of the biggest bouts in combat sports’ history.

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Well, now that the Mayweather fight’s in the books, there’s been no shortage of talk about when and who McGregor will fight next. But, as December approaches, there’s still no official word.

While talking to the media recently in Brazil, in advance of his December 2nd rematch with Max Holloway, Aldo had this to say about his old foe, McGregor (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Thank God my division is moving. It would be bad if it was stuck, but my division is moving,” Aldo said, while discussing the fact the lightweight division’s title picture has been on hold for months. “It’s hard, right? Every athlete dreams of becoming champion, fighting for the title, and the guy is holding up the division. But it’s up to the UFC to make the decisions.

“The UFC needs to do what has to be done: you take the belt away or make him (McGregor) defend it. I think everyone is waiting for that.”

“Yes, this time is coming. He has to defend it, has to put his belt on the line in order to become champion. He only won the title. For me, Ferguson has great possibilities of becoming champion in the future.”

Sure, most people view McGregor as the real champ, and further, no one disputes the fact he was the 145 champion as well, even though he never defended that title. But, Aldo’s comments are in keeping with what many people and fighters have said over the years in combat sports, in terms of not being the “champ”, until you defend the belt.

All this aside, here’s hoping that the UFC is able to sign McGregor – Ferguson for sometime in early 2018.