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The UFC and the company brass hasn’t said much publicly about Conor McGregor’s highly publicized actions at Bellator 187, but at a recent media luncheon, Dana White weighed-in on the incident.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you know that McGregor jumped the cage at Bellator 187 to congratulate a teammate, before losing it on the event’s officials. The UFC champ apologized for the incident, but at the same time, McGregor also criticized the bout’s ref, Marc Goddard, who he had a heated exchange with.

Well, at the aforementioned luncheon, White had this to say about McGregor’s actions at the event (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He was being dealt with by the head of the ABC,” White said. “We were gonna fight him, regardless of what [McGregor’s manager] Audie [Attar] says, we were working on a fight for him at the end of the year. And he’s just not ready. Listen … Conor might never fight again. The guy’s got a f*cking hundred million dollars.

“These guys make money and that’s it. Fighting is the worst. Try to get up and get punched in the face every day when you’ve got $100 million in the bank. Money changes everything for a lot of people.”

“He’s a young, rich kid who is a god in Ireland,” White said. “That’s not the healthiest environment either. It’s all part of it. I don’t know if you guys remember in the very beginning with Jon Jones. There’s no doubt the talent was there. I used to go, ‘The guy is talented, but he’s young, he’s rich, he’s the king of the world now. Hopefully he can keep it together…'”

These are some interesting comments, although, some will argue that the UFC could have said and or did more, in terms of reprimanding McGregor for what went down.

White was also asked about recent rumors that McGregor was involved in some sort of pub altercation with mobsters in Dublin, but the UFC President doesn’t believe any of it. He also reported that the UFC is working on a new deal with McGregor, who recently, said he needs to be considered a partner with the promotion, moving forward.

Hopefully we hear something soon right? Barring some unbelievable turn of events, 2017 will close out without McGregor fighting in the Octagon.