Image Credit: USA Today Sports

If Max Holloway defeats Jose Aldo tonight at UFC 218, he’ll take another big step in establishing himself as one of the sport’s greatest fighters. But, even the featherweight champ concedes that he still has a ways to go, before his resume matches Aldo’s.

Aldo and Holloway threw down this past June at UFC 212, and the latter ended the Brazilian star’s second reign as featherweight champ, by stopping him in round three. Due to a facial injury Frankie Edgar incurred recently, Aldo has been tapped for an immediate rematch.

Holloway has talked a lot in recent months about how a new era is upon us, on account of his 11 fight winning streak. But, the Hawaiian fighter also said this recently, while discussing tonight’s bout (quote via MMA Junkie):

“(Aldo) is the greatest of all time in our weight class,” Holloway said. “He did a lot of great things. And people keep telling me, ‘What you’re going to do, this and that, when you take him, bla bla bla?’

“You know, beating him for a second time, I’ve still got a lot of things to do to catch up with him. He has a bunch of records, and these records are meant to be broken. And I’m here. He had his time. There’s levels to this. He had his era – it’s a ‘Blessed Era,’ like they said.”

These are some classy and respectful comments from Holloway. Far too often in MMA, we’re quick to only reflect, and or discuss, a fighter’s most recent outings, rather than recall what they’ve accomplished. While it’s true, a win tonight for Holloway would certainly entrench a new era, he still has some work to do before his resume matches Aldo’s.

After all, we’re talking about a guy who didn’t lost a fight for ten years, and a man who defended the WEC / UFC featherweight crown, nine times…There’s not too many people in the sport’s history who can claim that.

UFC 218 will take place at the Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit, Michigan.