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Max Holloway has repeatedly said in recent years that he’d like to run it back with Conor McGregor, so now that he’s established himself as one of the UFC’s top fighters, could it happen?

McGregor and Holloway battled back in 2013 – seems like forever ago – and the latter lost the bout via unanimous decision. While McGregor has gone on to become on the biggest names in all of sports, Holloway has won 12 in a row, and holds the 145 belt McGregor once did.

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Well, following Holloway’s impressive, and second stoppage win over Jose Aldo last night, Dana White was asked about the possibility of McGregor – Holloway 2 (quote via MMA Junkie):

“Again, like I said last week to everybody who was in my office, who knows if Conor’s even going to fight again,” White said. “I’m rolling like he’s not.

“But yeah, if Conor comes back and defends his title, anything is possible.”

Now, it’s hard to imagine McGregor at this point moving down to 145 again. But, Holloway has said he’ll move up, if that’s what it takes to secure a rematch. Following his victory last night, Holloway also reported this (quote via MMA Junkie).

“The only thing that’s going to stop me is medically, or I can’t make the weight,” Holloway said. “I’m not going to force my body to do something it doesn’t want to. I’ll go up to 155. I was talking to Michael Bisping and them on the (FS1 post-fight) show, and Michael was like, ‘Can you win another title?’ … I was like, ‘Michael, you’re cutting Maxi Baby short.’ Us Hawaiians love to eat. I want to go for four titles – (155), 170, 185. I might even be at heavyweight one day. You guys know our eating habits are bad in Hawaii. One day I might make history.”

The weight class aside, it’s hard to imagine this fight happening anytime soon. McGregor has Tony Ferguson waiting in the wings at 155, and there’s also the possibility of a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz, or even an all-star bout with Georges St-Pierre.

But, if  Holloway scores a couple more big wins, and calls for a super fight with McGregor down the line, you never know.  It would be an fascinating bout, no question.