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For months, Luke Rockhold has repeatedly said that Georges St-Pierre shouldn’t be competing in the middleweight division, and even though he’s now the 185 champ, Rockhold hasn’t changed his mind.

Like many other observers and middleweight contenders, when the UFC announced its plans to have GSP challenge Michael Bisping for the middleweight crown, Rockhold was quick to blast the decision. The argument being that St-Pierre hadn’t competed in the UFC’s middleweight division, and didn’t deserve a title shot, and that the star had no intention of remaining at 185 afterwards.

Well, since St-Pierre choked out Bisping last month to become the champ, he’s reported he had issues maintaining weight, leading up to UFC 217. More recently, it was confirmed that GSP’s battling colitis, and it isn’t clear when he’ll be ready to compete again.

Rockhold appeared on the latest “MMA Hour” this week, and here’s some of what the former champ had to say about St-Pierre and the state of the 185 division (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He’s not fighting any of us,” Rockhold said. “He’s too small. Guys like me would feast on Georges. He won’t last here. He had his opportunity, he got his belt, good for you. Just move along and let us handle our business here.”

“…I don’t want to jump to conclusions. But, I mean, the fact is come out and just that say you don’t want to fight here in the division, relinquish the title, and move on. I’m tired of story after story and just dragging us on and leaving us in the dark. State what it is. If you’re sick you’re sick, but the fact is, you don’t want to fight in the division.”

Now, St-Pierre fans will likely take issue with these comments, and as noted above, it should be noted that GSP did report he was having medical issues leading up to the bout. So, in other words, we don’t know if he ever intended to defend the belt or not.

But, when you consider that St-Pierre hasn’t outright said he plans to fight Robert Whittaker, and in light of the health issues he’s experiencing, it would be kind of surprising if we see him fight at 185 again.