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More than a few people, particularly folks from the boxing world, have argued that Floyd Mayweather carried Conor McGregor in their August 26th bout. Now, Mr. Mayweather himself, as repeated that claim.

McGregor drew praise for how he performed in the early going against the undefeated boxer, and many folks, including two of the judges, awarded the first three rounds to the UFC champ. Others, however, have opined that Mayweather was essentially just toying with McGregor, as a means to make the fight entertaining for fans (who coughed up big bucks to watch the bout).

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More recently, Mayweather relayed this, while talking to fans via Fight Hype (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Everybody tried to protest the Mayweather-McGregor fight, right? But I’m gonna tell y’all the truth, I’m gonna tell y’all the truth. You know I carried McGregor. You know I made it look good for y’all.”

Do you agree? Or is the truth somewhere in the middle? Whereby, Mayweather took his foot off the gas early on, so he could get a read on McGregor and let him tire out?