Recently Luke Rockhold made comments which seemed to question whether Georges St-Pierre is really dealing with colitis, and now the middleweight champ has responded.

Following the news that St-Pierre has been diagnosed with colitis, Rockhold argued that the Canadian star doesn’t want to fight at 185 moving forward.

Well, since then, GSP spoke with TSN, and he said this in response to the former champ (quote via MMA Fighting):

“It’s not a fake diagnosis, I have the paper of the doctor and everything to prove it,” St-Pierre said. “My health is the number one priority and performance is second. … Luke Rockhold, he can hang there, he’s gonna have his shot, no problem. When you’re on top, everybody want to have what you got and it’s not new for me, I’m used to that kind of stuff, I don’t take it personal. I’ve talked Luke, he’s a good guy. He’s just a hungry guy and he wants to be champion again and I wish him the best.”

Typical GSP, in terms of being all class. The former welterweight champ has also said that he doesn’t think he’ll be fighting at middleweight again. So, it remains to be seen when, if and who GSP will fight again.

Rockhold, meanwhile, has been campaigning for a bout with the interim champ, Robert Whittaker. The UFC is headed to Whittaker’s home nation of Australia for a pay-per-view event on February 10th.