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Since Max Holloway took out Jose Aldo at UFC 218, there’s been a lot of talk about what should come next for the featherweight champ, and Frankie Edgar’s doing his best to make sure it’s a fight with him.

Edgar was originally scheduled to fight Holloway earlier this month, but after breaking his orbital bone in camp, he was forced to drop out. Aldo agreed to step up and face the Hawaiian star, but as was the case when they battled in June, Holloway won via third round stoppage.

Well, since Holloway has a loss to Conor McGregor, and because he’s talked repeatedly about his willingness to move up in weight, there has been some speculation about a rematch. Edgar was on hand at UFC Fresno on Saturday, and the former lightweight champ had this to say about pulling out of UFC 218, and fighting Mr. Holloway (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“It felt like a death the in the family,” Edgar said. “It felt like a loss. I trained hard and didn’t really get to compete. Watching the fight, it left a pit in my stomach the whole time. But I’m looking to re-book that fight and looking to get in there with Holloway as soon as he’s able.

“I think it’s the fight that makes most sense. We haven’t fought. He’s kind of running through everybody. Let’s me and him get it done. We had a plan. I know the fans want to see it. I’m pretty sure Max wants to fight me, so let’s make it happen.”

Pretty difficult to argue with Edgar here. Sure, he hasn’t fought since May, when he stopped Yair Rodriguez. But, it’s hard to imagine there not being significant interest in seeing Edgar face Holloway. Further, while Holloway has talked about moving up to a new division, the 26 year-old hasn’t said he’s done at 145. In fact, Holloway’s said he wants to match Aldo’s legacy as the featherweight champ.

While it remains to be seen if Holloway will continue to compete at 145 for say, the next couple of years, it certainly looks like he intends to defend his belt. So, in that case, it has to be against Edgar right?

And as far as the McGregor – Holloway rematch, it’s hard to imagine that fight happening anytime soon. McGregor already has Tony Ferguson waiting in the wings, and then there’s also the possibility of a rubber match with Nate Diaz.