Image Credit: Mcdojolife / Facebook

It looks like some possible trolling and, or, a legitimate debate about whether a woman, MMA fighter can defeat an untrained male, has led to the booking of a sparring match. Or, at least, that’s the plan.

Recently Jiu-Jitsu Times ran a story about an online debate, which reportedly involved a man named Kristopher Zylinski, arguing that “99%” of women lack the strength and speed to defeat men. Further, he apparently argued that he would be able to defeat 80% of pro, female fighters.

Well, McDoJo Life decided to offer up $1,000 to any pro, woman fighter who face Zylinski in a sparring match. The latter had said, however, that the woman must be the same size as him, 160 pounds.

Not long after, Oregon native Anna McCauley Dempster reportedly agreed to the challenge, who has a 7-0 amateur MMA record. The Facebook announcement from McDoJo Life states:

“It is official. Anna Dempster has stepped up to face the internet troll that says an untrained man can defeat 99% of women even if they are trained. His comments will be posted in this event page.

A mat fee will be required at the door. We will be streaming the sparring match live for anyone unable to attend. We are asking for donations to help with costs and an extra bonus for her.

Huge shout out to Mitchell Chamale and Charlie Benham for allowing us to use their facility. And for Combat Night for helping us keep everything legal.”

The event’s announcement on Facebook states the contest will take place in Apopka, Florida. The aforementioned story from Jiu-Jitsu Times also says some people on the Facebook thread relayed that Zylinski is part of the local comedy scene, so, it remains to be seen if this sparring match actually happens. Or, what goes down, if it does. Hopefully all the necessary precautionary measures, in terms of safety etc, are in place.

During Ronda Rousey’s reign as the UFC’s bantamweight champ, there was plenty of debate, as to how the Judoka would do in a theoretical bout with a male.