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Al Iaquinta hasn’t held back in criticizing the UFC for what the promotion pays fighters in the past, and the outspoken fighter is doing so again.

Due to a well documented, contract dispute and injuries, the heavy handed fighter has fought just once since 2015. This past April, Iaquinta returned to the Octagon and put away veteran Diego Sanchez in the opening round. The win was Iaquinta’s fifth straight.

More recently, Iaquinta was booked to fight Paul Felder at UFC 218, but the New York fighter ending up withdrawing from the bout (which Felder didn’t care for). Recently Iaquinta spoke with MMA Radio, and he had this to say, while discussing his next scrap (quotes via MMA Mania):

“They were trying to get me to fight (Paul) Felder again, but I told them what I wanted to fight him, and it wasn’t unreasonable, but I haven’t heard back from them,” Iaquinta said. “The ball’s in their court right now.

“There’s a lot of guys in the UFC that are getting paid way more than what I asked for, and they don’t even have a number next to their name, and they haven’t knocked anyone out,” Iaquinta added “What I asked for is not unreasonable, and it’s in their court now…”

The 30 year-old also reportedly noted that he believes the UFC won’t agree to his counteroffer, since according to Iaquinta, the promotion doesn’t care for him. In addition, the TUF vet had this to say, while discussing Edson Barboza’s one sided loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“That’s like, life-changing sh*t right there. That f*cks with your mind, and his face is never going to look the same. And $75,000 is barely worth it.”

It would be interesting to her Barboza’s take on this. That aside, it looks like we’re playing the waiting game once again, in terms of whether we’ll see Iaquinta back in the Octagon. Contracts aside, there’s little doubt that Iaquinta – Felder could be an absolute, barn burner.