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Leading up to UFC Fight Night 124, Vitor Belfort has said his bout on Sunday will be his last…but, if the UFC were to offer him a truckload of a cash, it looks like “The Phenom” would be ready to throw down.

In the preceding months, Belfort has talked quite a bit about exiting the UFC and hanging up the gloves. But, right before and after he defeated Nate Marquardt in June, he talked about being reinvented, and re-motivated to continue fighting.

More recently, however, Belfort reported that its time to let his body rest, and that his fight on Sunday with Uriah Hall will be his last. So, that’s it right?

Well, while talking to the Brazilian media on Thursday, Belfort said the following, about what it would take to keep him in the cage (quote via MMA Fighting):

“$10 million or more, to start the conversation,” Belfort said. “That’s the number. And then we start talking.

“A lot of money. A lot of money. Many millions. Anyway, I will always train and dedicate myself. I have a lot of friends fighting, so I will always be prepared because I love doing this, this is my lifestyle, but it has to be very, very, very interesting because I’m happy with this decision.”

Now, at this stage of the game for Belfort, the chances of him receiving an offer like that are pretty slim. So, he likely wasn’t being too serious, when he threw out those figures. You have to wonder though, if MMA had the type of profile it does now, would Belfort have been able to generate a multi-million dollar payday during his prime?

All this aside, the legendary fighter also had this to say, while reflecting on Sunday’s contest:

“My friend, this is a fight, you can’t relax and enjoy, say goodbye. This is a very serious sport, so it’s a pleasure for me to be here. It’s a good card, full of champions, beasts, the future of the sport. I’m very happy with everything I’ve accomplished, what I’ve done, and being able to end like this. I’m feeling special.”

 It will be interesting to see if Belfort can close out his career on a winning note. Doing so against Hall won’t be easy.