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It’s been a little while since the MMA world has heard much from Paulie Malignaggi, but recently the retired boxer had some choice words for his old buddy, Conor McGregor, when asked about the latter’s next fight.

Last summer, rarely did a day go by, where Malignaggi wasn’t in some sort of headline, related to McGregor’s August 26th boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. The experienced pugilist was brought in to help McGregor prepare for the bout, but Malignaggi didn’t care for how the UFC champ’s team portrayed their sparring sessions, and it led to a very public, and bitter dispute.

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Well, fast forward to today, and it remains to be seen when and who McGregor is going to fight next. The expectation, and or hope, is that the lightweight champ will return later this year to face the winner of the April 7th, Tony Ferguson – Khabib Nurmagomedov bout. But, as it stands right now, nothing is certain.

Recently Fight Hype caught up with Malignaggi, and when the latter was asked about McGregor’s next scrap, the New York fighter didn’t waste the opportunity to blast his rival (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“Conor wants to fight, he’s an egomaniac,” Malignaggi said. “But Conor is still a b-tch at heart. Where he looks at it, he’s going to see Khabib and Tony Ferguson, ‘sh-t, that’s an ass whooping.’ Anybody in boxing is an ass whooping. ‘Any door I open I’m getting my ass whooped.’”

“Everybody waiting for you is gonna beat the living sh-t out of you. Including me, Pacquiao, Oscar can come out of retirement and beat the sh-t out of you. Khabib is gonna beat the sh-t out of you, Ferguson is gonna beat the sh-t out of you.”

“…You’re not even going out on top, but give the perception that you’re going out on top. Because enough people perceive that you’re going out on top, so just leave with that perception. Do yourself a favor.”

Clearly Malignaggi hasn’t stuffed his issues with McGregor under the bridge huh?