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Cain Velasquez recently turned heads throughout the MMA world, by tweeting some cryptic comments after the July 7th scrap between Stipe Miocic and his buddy Daniel Cormier was announced. So what did the former heavyweight champ mean?

Not long after the UFC announced Miocic – Cormier, Velasquez tweeted that he’d be helping Cormier prepare for UFC 226, and that if his teammate wins the heavyweight belt, “things could get interesting.” That latter part had some folks questioning whether Velasquez would in fact face his longtime friend, in the Octagon.

Well, Velasquez appeared on the latest “MMA Hour”, and he had this to say, while discussing whether he’d fight his friend (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Would I ever fight (Cormier)? No, I wouldn’t,” Velasquez said. “I wouldn’t fight him. I think he feels the same way. We’re teammates, we’re friends, we’ve done a lot with each other. I think it would be easy, me and him, just because we spar so much, s**t, it would just be another day at the office.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Further, since Cormier has already said he doesn’t plan to fight past next spring, after he turns 40, there wouldn’t really be a reason for the two to fight, if “DC’ takes the belt. Velasquez went on to say that all he meant by the tweet, is that it’s not clear what they’ll do, if Cormier wins the belt. Velasquez also brought up the possibility of moving down to light-heavyweight, which is something Cormier reportedly joked about, during the show.

“If I had to do it, I could do it,” Velasquez said, while discussing the possibility of dropping down a weight class. “I think it would be hard, but it’s just the will of the person. If I really want to do something, I could do it. Again, things could get interesting, so we’re just going off of that and we’re just going to play it by ear. First things first, helping him get ready, me get ready, and then getting that job done in July, both of us.”

And that’s the key thing here, so much has to happen first, in a short period of time, before Cormier and Velasquez would even be in a theoretical spot to fight. Further, if Cormier does win the heavyweight title, he might decide to vacate and keep the 205 belt, with the hope a third fight with Jon Jones can materialize.