Image Credit: FOX Sports / UFC

If you had told someone last week that Jussier “Formiga” would set up a win at UFC 221, by decking an opponent with a spinning backfist, you might have been met with some scepticism. But, if you watched Saturday’s card, then you know that’s exactly what the flyweight did.

“Formiga” floored Ben Nguyen in the third round with the technique, and then finished the fight with a rear-naked-choke. Since then, the Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt told MMA Fighting the following, while discussing his highlight reel finish.

“It wasn’t a lucky punch or just instinct as some people thought, that was something I trained hard. I’ve been using spinning back punches and kicks since my fight with Ray Borg in Fortaleza. I knew that Nguyen was expecting me to go for takedowns, so I had to mix spinning back kicks and punches in this fight.”

It was a big win for “Formiga”, who is calling for a bout with champion Demetrious Johnson next. Since it looks like a bout between TJ Dillashaw and Johnson could happen, however, “Formiga” may need to take another fight in the interim.