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Amir Khan has talked about giving MMA a go in the past, but is the boxing star buying that Floyd Mayweather’s thinking about getting in the Octagon? Does Conor McGregor hate money?

As you likely know, Mayweather has made several posts recently, where he’s teased that he’s thinking about transitioning into MMA. The comments / vids have come a few weeks removed from the decorated boxer denying he’s thinking about returning to the ring or cage.

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So what does Khan think about all this? Well, recently the accomplished pugilist told Sky Sports the following (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“I don’t think they [Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao] will ever step in the cage. MMA is a very difficult sport, you need to have a lot of strength and takedowns and I just don’t think a boxer is just gonna have all the tools to fight someone in an MMA cage, it’s gonna be really difficult.

“I’ve been seeing Mayweather talking about and taking a lot of videos and pictures inside the MMA cage, but I just can’t see that ever happening. I can’t see him ever stepping in with someone in the MMA cage.”

Yup. It’s pretty hard to imagine. Although, yes, everyone said that about McGregor boxing Mayweather. But, you would think, if there’s any real chance that this takes place, a fight with someone like CM Punk makes more sense. That’s a MMA fight Mayweather has a shot at winning.