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The Floyd Mayweather Jr. to MMA story continues to develop (which is annoying to many hardcore fans, sure), as now his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., has said he believes the decorated boxer will fight for the UFC.

Recently Mayweather Jr. has been teasing the combat sports world masses, with videos and images, which hint that a move to MMA is coming. All this, despite the fact that before 2017 was up, the retired boxer said he wouldn’t be returning to the cage or ring.

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Well, recently Mayweather Sr. spoke was interviewed by the Mayweather Boxing Channel, and he had this to say, when asked if his son could be headed to the Octagon (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“The way I see it, I have to believe that this is where it’s going. The way it looks, I think so.

“I don’t know what the legacy is because as of now, he has enough money and he’s got enough to live until his life runs out. I don’t even know how to say it because there ain’t no way to say it because everything is done right now. I wouldn’t [advise him to fight in MMA]. As his trainer, no, as his father, no. I want him to have all the money he’s got. The money he’s got, he’s got enough money – look here, it’s crazy money, man. He’s his own man though, that’s one thing about him.”

So, it should be noted here that recently McGregor claimed that Mayweather Jr. has dropped out of “fight negotiations. The interview with Mayweather Sr. was posted on February 17th, so, perhaps he wouldn’t say the same thing today if he was asked. It’s hard to say.

That aside, these comments do seem to indicate that Mayweather Jr. is at least somewhat serious, or was, about giving MMA  a go. It’s hard to image that if this has all been a troll job, that his father would be on it. Although, anything’s possible.

As I noted this past weekend, when McGregor made his recent comments about the rumored bout, chances are we were going to hear more on this. That still holds true today.