Following last week’s elimination bouts, which saw 14 lightweights move on and 14 sent home, the cast arrives at the house and relaxes after their fights.

Jeff Lentz, one of the top characters in the house according to Jonathan Brookins, is shown drinking and smoking, but says his cardio isn’t an issue even if the other fighters doubt his choices.

The following day, the fighters head back to the gym where coaches Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck will choose their teams.

Koscheck has Michael Johnson on top of his rankings, with Marc Stevens behind him. St-Pierre is aware that Koscheck is friends with Stevens and devises a plan to trick Koschek into taking Stevens by putting him on top of a fake list.

After winning a coin flip and opting to make the first pick, Koscheck takes the bait and chooses Stevens, while St-Pierre follows by taking Johnson and also has control of the first matchup.

The coaches complete their picks and the teams are:

Team GSP

  • Michael Johnson
  • Jonathan Brookins
  • Spencer Paige
  • Alex Caceres
  • Kyle Watson
  • Cody McKenzie
  • Dane Sayers

Team Koscheck

  • Marc Stevens
  • Sevak Magakian
  • Sako Chivitchian
  • Andy Main
  • Nam Phan
  • Aaron Wilkinson
  • Jeff Lentz

Dane Sayers says he’ll have to prove his doubters wrong after being picked last, while Dana White assures him being the last pick ‘doesn’t mean shit’.

Team GSP takes to the gym first, and St-Pierre says he’ll serve more as a training partner and leave the teaching up to his coaches, including Greg Jackson. After some sparring and grappling, GSP explains his picks, saying that while his fighters are good, he didn’t pick them because they’re good on paper but because he feels he can help them become better.

Team Koscheck’s training is up next, and Koscheck says his previous time on the show as a castmember on the first season gives him an advantage over St-Pierre. With assistant coaches that include AKA’s Bob Cook and Strikeforce’s Daniel Cormier, Koscheck says fighters have something to prove with the public labeling him a heel, a title he disagrees with.

It’s then time for St-Pierre to announce the first matchup and he chooses ‘Bruce Leeroy’ Arex Caceres to face Team Koscheck’s Jeff Lentz.

St-Pierre said he made the matchup because Caceres wanted to stand with Lentz, but White has doubts about letting the fighters chose their opponents and Koscheck feels it’s a great matchup for his team.

Back at the house, Lentz smokes and downplays the matchup, while Caceres trains with Sayers on the lawn before returning to the gym for some sparring with GSP. St-Pierre says nothing is certain in this sport, but feels the odds are on their side.

It’s then Lentz’s turn for his final training session, where he says he’s gunning for a quick knockout and thinks Caceres has a tell when he comes forward.

The following day, Caceres meditates and relaxes before the fight, while Lentz dismisses Caceres’ Bruce Lee-style gi while having another cigarette. They head to the gym and prepare for the first opening round matchup.

Caceres enters the Octagon with a big smile, but insists he’s taking Lentz seriously, while Lentz sprints in then rolls into the cage.

Caceres starts the fight with some high kicks, but Lentz quickly takes control and keeps him pressed against the fence for most of the round before sealing it with a big judo throw in the final seconds.

Lentz comes out swinging big punches to begin the second as he looks for the knockout, but Caceres trips him to the ground and ends up on bottom, where he locks on a triangle and eventually forces Lentz to tap.

After the fight, Caceres applauds Lentz cardio, while White says he doesn’t root for fighters, but likes Bruce Leeroy and is happy to see him win.

Lentz is disappointed to let his family and team down, while Cacares is happy to score the win and warns his next opponent to be ready for a fight and that no one will get a free pass.

Next week on TUF 12, Caceres goes too far celebrating his victory and taunts Lentz, Koscheck accuses his team of losing focus, and boxing legend Mike Tyson visits the gym before another opening round matchup.

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