Conor McGregor turned heads throughout the MMA world when he recently claimed he had offered to fight Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. But, it doesn’t look like the former lightweight champ’s buying that the offer was sincere.

The current lightweight champ quickly made headlines last week, when he said he “put his name forward” as a replacement for the injured Max Holloway, who was supposed to fight Edgar. Since then, Edgar’s manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz, has claimed that McGregor’s offer was contingent on a 165 pound title being on the line. The UFC doesn’t currently have a 165 pound division.

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Well, Edgar was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour”, and the New Jersey fighter had this to say about the situation (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I mean, come on, there is no 165-pound belt,” Edgar said. “You know what I’m saying? I want to fight on the moon. You know what I mean? Come on.

“He doesn’t want to defend his own belt. What, he wants to fight me? I mean, hey, that’d be great. That’d be great for me. Let’s be real. I’m not scared to fight anybody. Come on, I’ve been doing too long to be scared to fight anybody. I mean, if anything, that would be very good for me, to fight Conor McGregor.”

“…With something like that, Dana would’ve called me personally, and he didn’t, so I have to think that it wasn’t real.”

There you have it. Now, it should be noted that McGregor’s teammate, Artem Lobov, also said on the show that “Conor was ready to go”, and that the fight almost became reality. But, maybe, that was all conditional upon a 165 division be created? And a title being on the line? We don’t know for sure. But, since McGregor has yet to defend the lightweight title he won in 2016, it’s not surprising that the UFC didn’t want to go there.

One thing’s for certain, even if McGregor knew there was next to no chance that a 165 title would be offered, here we are still talking about him several days later. The dude’s a master promoter.

Edgar is scheduled to fight rising featherweight Brian Ortega at UFC 222, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.