Pedro Munhoz dropped a decision to John Dodson at UFC 222 last weekend, and the bantamweight contender’s not going away from the loss quietly.

Early on, Dodson appeared to be getting the better of Munhoz, and it looked like he may cruise to a win. But, as the fight wore on Munhoz started to turn things around, and after an extremely close second, the fight was up in the air.

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Ultimately, however, Dodson was awarded a split decision win with scores of 28-29, 30-27, 29-28. The 28-29s, or vice versa, didn’t really seem to surprise that many people. But, the 30-27 score in particular, raised eyebrows, as the consensus was that Munhoz won the third round.

Well, the judge that scored the fight 30-27 for Dodson, was Adalaide Byrd, who has drawn the ire of combat sports fans and observers in the past. Munhoz recently spoke with MMA Junkie, and the bantamweight had this to say about the split decision ruling, and Byrd’s scorecard:

“What fight was she watching?” Munhoz said. “Did she watch the fight that came before and was drunk for mine? Where, in her head – is she experienced? Does she know what fighting is? Does she come from boxing? Does she know MMA? Are they assessing aggression, grappling, kicks, punches, fight control? Or is she a fan of Floyd Mayweather, who does that Tom & Jerry, cat and mouse game of running from the opponent?”

“It’s very frustrating,” Munhoz added. “That’s the word, exactly: it’s very frustrating. One thing that was clear to me was that I gave my all. I left my last breath and my last sweat drop in the cage. I did everything to show that I wanted to win. I wanted the knockout or the submission, but he was running too much, he’s too fast.

Now, it was a competitive fight, so to say Munhoz was robbed would be a stretch. Obviously, and not surprisingly, he believes he should have been awarded the fight.

The biggest issues here was the 30-27 score…

Munhoz had won four in a row prior to facing Dodson.