Firas Zahabi doesn’t believe Georges St-Pierre and Conor McGregor will end up fighting, but the renowned coach has provided a pretty solid take on  how the mega-fight would go…if it happened.

Ever since St-Pierre announced he was returning to the UFC, there’s been endless discussion about him fighting McGregor. Despite the fact GSP has kind of kept his distance, when he’s been asked about facing his fellow, superstar.

Since St-Pierre is currently sidelined with ulcerative colitis, and because McGregor’s expected to face the winner of Tony Ferguson – Khabib Nurmagomedov, the consensus is that this bout likely won’t take place anytime soon (if at all). But, due to the profiles of each man, that doesn’t mean the MMA world’s stopped discussing and debating the theoretical fight.

Case in point, recently GSP’s coach, was asked to weigh-in on how the fight would go, while speaking to Fight Hub TV. Zahabi made the following points (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Listen, Georges is fully aware of the karate stuff and Taekwondo ranges and the distances McGregor uses,” Zahabi said. “He grew up in that. McGregor’s very good at keeping that distance and when you cross the distance, he punches you. Georges understands that game so well plus Georges is much more schooled in wrestling and jiu-jitsu, so I’ve got to put it all on Georges side.

“McGregor has that deadly, accurate left, I’ll give him that. He has a better cross than Georges, definitely, but Georges is too smart, too intelligent, too calculated. It’s highly unlikely he will get hit with it. Not impossible, just highly unlikely.”

Sure, McGregor boosters or GSP haters might argue that Zahabi’s biased, and, he likely, understandably is. But, it’s pretty hard to argue with this take.

St-Pierre doesn’t have the ridiculously, explosive double leg he once had. But, as he showed against Michael Bisping, he’s still very quick to the legs, and it’s hard to imagine McGregor keeping the bout up, once GSP’s on them. Especially when you consider the fact GSP was just competing at 185, and is an athletic freak. Would McGregor be able to get up-and-out from the Canadian’s top game? Maybe. Would he be able to do so repeatedly? Probably not.

Zahabi also relayed in the interview that he doesn’t believe the fight will happen. But, if McGregor is at all interested, don’t count it out. Especially if McGregor does get by either Ferguson or Nurmagomedov.