One of the lowlights from last weekend’s UFC 222 card was how the Hector LombardCB Dollaway fight concluded, and according to the latter, if the promotion wants to run it back, he’s open to it.

Dollaway was awarded a win via disqualification, after it was ruled he could not continue, from a booming punch he ate after the first round’s, final horn. The bout’s conclusion has been the focal point of discussion. While there’s no doubt that Lombard decked Dollaway with a late punch, fighters are instructed to protect themselves until the ref intervenes.

Well, since the controversial fight, Dollaway spoke with FOX Sports, and he had this to say about Lombard and a rematch (quote via MMA Mania):

“The first one, I can kind of see as being a reaction, but the second shot I believe in my mind was on purpose. Heard through the grapevine, a lot of people say he’s a dirty fighter. I don’t think it was accidental, I think that’s just kind of who he is. As far as what the future holds for me and Hector, I’m going to see what the UFC wants to do. I’ve heard mention they might be getting rid of him, they might keep him. So whatever they decide, you know, ultimately they’re the ones that make the decisions, but if they want to run it back then we’re open to it.”

Now, since it was Lombard’s fifth straight defeat, the UFC could elect to cut him. The former Bellator champ hasn’t won a fight now since 2014, and he’s been stopped in three of his last five bouts.

So, is there enough buzz for Dollaway – Lombard II? And therefore, the UFC will keep Lombard around and book a rematch here? Maybe. But, don’t be surprised if they don’t.

Lombard, for his part, has said he’s going to appeal the decision. The heavy handed fighter has also argued that Dollaway wanted a way out of the fight, and took it. So, one would think he’d jump on the opportunity to do it again.