It was a little quiet there for a bit on the ‘will Floyd Mayweather fight in the UFC’ front, but, following recent comments from Tyron Woodley, that’s all changed.

Earlier this year, Mayweather buzzed the combat sports world by sharing out videos of him getting in the cage, and teasing that he’s going to compete under MMA rules. A lot of people took it as trolling, since not long ago, Mayweather said he has no plans to end his retirement. Even though, last month, Mayweather Sr. said that he thinks the decorated boxer will in fact move to the Octagon.

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Well, Woodley recently appeared on The Hollywood Beatdown, and the UFC welterweight champ said this  about Mayweather (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I saw him at the Jordan party during (NBA) All-Star weekend,” Woodley said. “We started chatting about training MMA and we decided let’s connect, let’s hook up in Vegas and do some training and get him ready for MMA.”

Now, yes, none of this means that Mayweather’s actually serious about transitioning into MMA, although, Woodley also reportedly said that they’re in the process of setting up some training sessions. If that happens, then it wouldn’t be too, too surprising if we see Mayweather give MMA a go.

The big question is, however, who would he fight? And how would Mayweather do?

Well, if Mayweather ends up taking on a world class fighter, like Conor McGregor, or an opponent with solid wrestling, the consensus is that he’ll be destroyed. While discussing this question, Woodley said this:

“Floyd Mayweather’s one of the best strikers of all-time,” Woodley said. “How many guys in the UFC that can’t wrestle and can’t grapple that consider themselves a standup fighter, but they have to stand across one of the greatest strikers ever, they gonna be in a world of smoke.”

If the inconceivable happens, and the UFC signs Mayweather, then it will be fascinating to see what kind of opponent they give him. Yes, a fight with McGregor would generate a gazillion dollars, but, would the UFC go that route? When it seems like most fans want to see him fight the best of the best? The Tony Fergusons, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s or Georges St-Pierres? They might.

They might also go the CM Punk route, whereby, they try to bring someone in who doesn’t have a ton of MMA experience. Or, if we’re actually going to go there, why not have Punk fight Mayweather?