One of the theories supporting the proposed Demetrious Johnson – TJ Dillshaw bout, is that it’s a way to provide Johnson a serious test, since there’s no current, legit threat to his reign. But, based off comments Henry Cejudo’s made, he doesn’t see Dillashaw being much of a challenge to the flyweight champ anyways.

Dillashaw initially started campaigning for a fight with Johnson last year. But at the time, the 125 king argued the two time, bantamweight champ had to defeat someone at flyweight first, before challenging for the title. Dillashaw, and others, argued that Johnson was just ducking a tough fight.

Well, more recently Johnson’s come around to the idea of fighting Dillashaw, and both men have been campaigning for it. So, does Cejudo think Dillashaw will in fact, provide Johnson a serious challenge? And end his historic run? Evidently no.

On the latest “MMA Hour”, Cejudo had this to take on the proposed, all-star bout (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I have Demetrious by a landslide, to be honest with you.”

“I think Demetrious’ speed, he’s intelligent, nothing to take away from T.J.,” Cejudo said. “I’ve said it before, I think it’s just a weight issue. I think it’s T.J. getting down those extra 10 pounds and how he recovers the next day. I think that’s the biggest factor in that fight.”

“I’ve talked to a lot of MMA guys that have gone down in weight class who are like, ‘I know what you’re talking about here.’ Making that extra 10 pounds is a big difference. Now, T.J. at 135 is a different game for Demetrious.”

Now, it is true that we don’t really know how Dillashaw would handle cutting to 125, and how that might impact his performance. But, while some people have certainly argued that Johnson can or will beat Dillashaw, not too many have been saying he’ll cruise through the 135 champ.

Cejudo does know what it’s like to face Johnson, and he’s also a former bantamweight himself. In 2016, the decorated wrestler was quickly taken out by “Mighty Mouse” at UFC 197.

All this aside, hopefully we get to see how Johnson – Dillashaw unfolds later this year.