Georges St-Pierre has repeatedly floated reasons as to why a fight with Conor McGregor doesn’t make sense for him, but Chael Sonnen believe’s there’s a scenario where the bout would happen “for sure”.

When GSP announced he was returning to the UFC, he reported that he wants to take as big as fights possible, during his comeback run. Naturally, he’s been asked repeatedly about fighting McGregor as a result, since the lightweight champ is the biggest name in the game.

While St-Pierre has never said the all-star bout would never happen, he has said that he doesn’t fight fighters in lower weight classes. More recently, on “The MMA Hour“, St-Pierre argued that while a bout with McGregor would generate big bucks, he doesn’t believe it does much for his legacy…

Well, recently Sonnen weighed-in on the subject, and here’s some of what the charismatic fighter had to say (quote via MMA Junkie):

“Making a statement like, ‘Hey, that does nothing for me,’ that is condescending, it’s rude, it’s mean-spirited, and it’s extremely appropriate if you’re Georges St-Pierre. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want that fight.”

“I know that George would do it. He’s made that clear. And I also know contrary to what some fans will say about, ‘Well, what wait class? You can only ask Conor to go up so much.’ George will go down,” Sonnen said. “Now that it has come out that Conor talked to Dana and wanted to do a 165-pound fight, George will go down to 165. I’ll speak for him. I’ll tell you he for sure will. I’m not speaking for him; he shared that with me. But I will pass it on to you. He will go to 165 if it means Conor.”

How about that? Think about it. If, and yes, it’s a big if, but if the UFC created a 165 division, and the UFC had McGregor fight GSP for the title, both men would have the opportunity to make history. They are two of four UFC fighters to hold titles in two different divisions. The winner would become the first to win three.

And, yes, both men would make a ridiculous amount of money, as would the UFC.

The question is, does the UFC want to create yet a new division? And risk pulling talent from both lightweight and welterweight?

Does the promotion really have to create a 165 title in order to make GSP – McGregor happen? Or does a title have to be on the line?