If Floyd Mayweather is just trolling the combat sports world, by continuing to tease an entry into MMA,  the decorated boxer’s taken things to a new level in that respect. How so? Well, according to “Money”, his wrestling’s already at a 7 out of 10…

For several weeks now, Mayweather’s been buzzing the MMA world, by talking about giving it a go in the Octagon. At first, Mayweather created a stir by teasing a move to the UFC, but now he’s actually talking about training for the transition.

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Recently TMZ caught up with the star, and Mayweather was asked whether he plans to train with Tyron Woodley. The UFC’s welterweight champ reported not long ago that he’s talked to Mayweather about helping him prepare for MMA.

Well, Mayweather said he does plan to call Woodley, and while discussing a timeline for his MMA debut, the boxer said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I’ll probably need a little bit longer (than three months), a little bit longer, even if it takes six to eight months. Whatever it takes, we want to make sure that everything is done correctly and everything is done the right way.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can wrestle,” Mayweather said. “My wrestling game is not that bad. On a scale from one to 10, I would say it’s probably a seven, and I think we could take it up to like a nine, if possible. Of course my hand game is, a scale from one to 10, it’s 100. And my kicking game, on a scale from one to 10, it’s probably a four. So we have to tweak a few things then, take things to that next level.”

A seven huh? It’s going to be pretty interesting to see what kind of reaction that statement prompts from the MMA world. What number would most MMA observers likely guess his wrestling’s at? Three?

But, hey, maybe Mayweather’s been hitting the wrestling mats, big time, behind the scenes?

It should also be noted that Mayweather said that he thinks the UFC is going to make this “happen”. So, if Mayweather is in fact trolling, he’s really stretching this bit out.