If you’ve closed the book on Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo being top tier fighters, well, Max Holloway recently made some comments that you might want to consider.

As you know, both Edgar and Aldo are coming off memorable, stoppage losses. Earlier this month at UFC 222, Edgar was taken out by Brian Ortega in the opening round. Aldo, meanwhile, faced Holloway in December, and was stopped by the featherweight champ for a second time.

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Well, due to the recent runs of the likes of Holloway and Ortega, a new narrative has formed about a changing of the guard at 145. But, while speaking to MMA Junkie recently, Holloway had this to say about the legendary fighters:

“Frankie, Aldo, these guys are not dead,” Holloway said. “They’re mid-30s and they’re fighting. People act like Frankie and Aldo are not the top-three guys. They’re still ranked in the top-three with Ortega.

“Come on, guys. Let’s be serious, let’s be real. These guys are not dead, they’re not gone. They’re still around. We’ll see what happens. But right now, the path is going a different way for me with Ortega and I’m focused.”

Now, if one wanted to make the prediction that at this juncture, Aldo and Edgar aren’t likely to win the featherweight title, that’s one thing. But to declare at this point that both stars are done, in terms of being contenders, is silly.

After all, Edgar’s only losses at 145 are against Aldo and Ortega. The guy took out the ridiculously dangerous Yair Rodriguez just last year, and before that, he defeated Jeremy Stephens. Aldo, meanwhile, has two wins over Edgar, and it wasn’t that long ago when he defeated Chad Mendes for a second time. So, if Aldo defeats Stephens in his next bout (the bout is reportedly being discussed), and Edgar scores a second victory over Swanson, both men will remain in the title shot mix.

Speaking of that, Holloway also relayed in the interview that he has “unfinished business” with Edgar. So, clearly he’d be interested in facing the former lightweight champ, if Edgar can climb his way back into a title fight.