Recently Tyron Woodley and Floyd Mayweather have said they plan to train together, as part of the latter’s supposed plan to transition into MMA. So does Max Holloway believe this is going to happen? No. No he doesn’t.

Not long ago, Woodley raised eyebrows by reporting that he had run into Mayweather during the NBA’s All-Star weekend, and that the two talked about training together. Unless you’ve been living without any type of modern convenience the last couple of months, you know that Mayweather has been teasing that he’s going to give MMA a go. After Woodley made the comments, the undefeated boxer himself, said he plans to give the UFC welterweight champ a call to set up some training.

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Well, Holloway was a guest on “The MMA Hour” recently. During the segment, the featherweight champ said this, while discussing Woodley and Mayweather (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“You guys really believe this guy is going to take an MMA fight, at however old he is right now, against a young guy that’s tough who people consider one of the best in the sport? It just blows my mind, man.

“If people believe that kind of stuff, it’s wild. I really don’t know what to say.”

“…I mean, I love Woodley,” Holloway said. “Woodley’s the man. He’s a great dude, but I swear he talks about everything. He’s talking about everything. Whatever you can talk about, he talks about it. That guy is always on TMZ or something, so he wants to be talked about all of the time, that’s it. Woodley, you are the man, brother, but I think it’s a PR stunt.

Holloway’s not the only person who’s not buying that Mayweather is going to move into MMA, or that Woodley’s going to train the pugilist. But, if all of this has been one big PR stunt, Mayweather’s certainly going the extra mile with it. It’s been multiple weeks now, and the ‘retired’ fighter continues to make it sound like he’s going to take a MMA bout.

In terms of Holloway’s next bout, the champ is expected to face Brian Ortega, but no date has been finalized.