Recently Max Holloway relayed he thinks Tyron Woodley’s talk about helping Floyd Mayweather move to MMA is a PR stunt. Well, if that’s the case, the welterweight champ is going the extra mile to get folks buzzing about him and the boxing star.

A little while ago, Woodley reported that he ran into Mayweather at the NBA All-Star Weekend, and that the two talked about training together. As you surely know, Mayweather has been teasing a move to MMA for weeks now, and he’s also said that he plans to call Woodley to set up some training.

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More recently, Woodley spoke with TMZ Sports, and he said that he’s talked to Mayweather and that they plan to coordinate some training sessions. In addition, Woodley also had this to say, while discussing what Mayweather needs to do to have success in the world’s greatest sport (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“We’re beginning the process of setting up the timing. I think more of it is gonna be game-planning strategy over the phone and talking about the game-plan of training, because if you think about the wrestling, if you think about the jiu-jitsu, if you think about the kicking aspect of the game, he does not have to go out there and learn how to kick like Bruce Lee. He does not have to go out there and become a black belt overnight, he just has to be able to stop it and get in boxing range and I think anybody in the UFC, he’s gonna be able to handle his own with.

“I think, obviously, his striking is bar-none some of the best we’ve ever seen in the sport. Anybody who has the ability to evade a punch in a fraction of a second, I think, with proper repetition and proper drilling can avoid a takedown wrestling attempt. So that’s obviously gonna be the primary goal, to equip him with the tools to not get taken down and if he happens to get taken down, how to keep his cool and how to get his butt back up to his feet…”

Now, a lot of what Wooldey said here is on point, but, ultimately, how Mayweather does (if any of this actually happens) will depend on the type of opponent he’s matched-up against. One would think that the decorated boxer won’t be pitted against a top tier wrestler, like James Toney was when he fought Randy Couture. At that point, there was still a lot of folks who questioned whether MMA was superior to boxing, in terms of more realistic and comprehensive combat scenarios. In other words, the UFC doesn’t really have to prove that point anymore.

But, if Mayweather does face even a remotely capable grappler, who has a solid clinch game and some takedowns, it’s pretty difficult to imagine him looking good in the Octagon.