Recently Floyd Mayweather claimed that there’s a  “50/50” chance that he’ll throw hands in the Octagon, but Ronda Rousey isn’t buying what the decorated boxer’s selling…

In recent weeks, Mayweather has repeatedly teased a move into MMA, and more recently, the star’s claimed he’s going to begin training for a possible fight in the cage.

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Well, Rousey has been making the media rounds, after signing with WWE. During a recent interview on  “Golic and Wingo,”, the former UFC champ had this to say about all the speculation regarding Mayweather:

“Yeah, that will never happen, it’s all talk.”

“I mean, different strokes for different folks, but I don’t think he would do well in MMA at all.”

Rousey’s certainly not the only person to have made comments like this. If it is all talk, Mayweather’s really doing his best to stretch it out.

If you missed it, Rousey’s aforementioned interview also included this awkward exchange.