There’s been plenty of talk in recent months about who Brock Lesnar might fight when and if he returns to the UFC, and names like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have frequently been mentioned. But, due to recent comments Dana White made, more folks are looking at Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic.

Yes, not long ago, White relayed that there was a very good chance that we’ll see Lesnar in the Octagon again. But, more recently, the UFC President said Lesnar will be back; he’s just not sure when.

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So, at the UFC’s 25th Anniversary press conference yesterday, White was predictably asked about Lesnar. In fact, White was asked if Lesnar could be tapped to fight the winner of Daniel Cormier – Stipe Miocic. That heavyweight title fight is going down on July 7th at UFC 226. Here’s what White had to say (quote via MMA Junkie):

“That’s a possibility,” White said. “He’s still under contract with the UFC, but we have not signed him to a fight. He’s still under contract with us, too. He still has fights left on his deal. He’s got to get back into the USADA pool.”

Now, in today’s MMA landscape, I guess those comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Lesnar is a massive, massive star, and we’re talking about a time when Conor McGregor boxed Floyd Mayweather, and CM Punk was signed to the UFC, despite having never fought before. Georges St-Pierre was booked for a middleweight title fight, even though he hadn’t fought since 2013, and had never competed at 185 pounds in the Octagon.

But, would the UFC actually do this? Hand a title shot to someone who was flagged for banned substances in his last bout, and prior to that, was taken out in back-to-back fights? Someone who hasn’t recorded a win since 2010? Sadly, they just might…but chances are they won’t.

When it comes to a star like Lesnar, the UFC could still generate a ton of cash by having him fight someone like Ngannou, or Jones, if the latter’s cleared to compete. Plus, by going that route, they wouldn’t have to deal with all the backlash the company would receive, if they had Lesnar fight for the belt.