Floyd Mayweather has been teasing that he’s considering a move into mixed-martial-arts, and now the decorated boxer has said he’ll only fight again, if it’s in the Octagon.

For several weeks now, Mayweather’s been saying that he’s thinking about giving MMA a go, and recently, he said there’s a “5o/50” chance that he’ll do so. Since the undefeated pugilist first began hinting at the move earlier this year, plenty of people have argued that Mayweather’s just trolling. But, here we are, nearly into the second quarter of 2018, and there’s still a lot of buzz about it.

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Case in point, Mayweather was recently asked about the possibility of him ending his retirement, during a boxing card that he was co-promoting. Here’s what “Money” had to say (quote via MMA Mania):

”Retirement has been great,” Mayweather said. “But as you know and everyone knows, I go on retirement, I come back. Is it possible that I come back? Yes. But if I do come back, it has to be in the Octagon.”

Now, yes, this just could be Mayweather self promoting, and trying to remain in the public eye. But, it is interesting, if that was the case, that he’s not discussing the possibility of boxing at all. 

In addition, recently Stephen Espinoza, President of Sports and Event Programming for Showtime, spoke with the Sporting News. While discussing Mayweather’s future, Espinoza said this (quote via MMA Mania):

“I would say probably better odds on the Octagon because we know Floyd loves a challenge and he loves doing the unexpected,” Espinoza said. “After 22 years in the boxing business, he’s really proven virtually all he has to prove. This MMA thing is a whole new challenge. I think that’s the kind of thing that gets him out of bed every day, that gets his juices flowing.”

So, this is another sign, in terms of it looking like Mayweather’s at least somewhat serious about taking a MMA bout. Dana White’s also expressed an interest in having Mayweather fight for the UFC. But, a big issue here is that Mayweather also said in the aforementioned interview, his next bout has to involve Showtime and CBS. On Saturday, White said that won’t happen.