If you’ve scanned the line-up for UFC on FOX 29 this Saturday, then Tim Boetsch believes there’s a good chance you smiled, when you saw “The Barbarian” is fighting on the card.

Yes, Boetsch is booked to take on Antonio Carlos Jr. at the event, which will go down in Glendale, Arizona. While the middleweight contest doesn’t feature a top 15 ranked fighter, it does include the extremely talented and decorated grappler in Carlos Jr., taking on the always dangerous, and ridiculously rugged, Boetsch.

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While Boetsch has incurred his fair share of losses during his lengthy run, he’s also scored more than a few, stoppage wins. Case in point, in Boetsch’s last five fights, he’s recorded three finishes. Most recently, he took out former welterweight champ, Johny Hendricks.

Well, recently Boetsch spoke to UFC.com about the reputation he’s built as a must-see fighter, and “The Barbarian” said this:

“The response when people see that I’m on a fight card is that they always get excited, because they know that when I show up, there’s gonna be at least one good, knock down, drag out fight on the card,” Boetsch said. “I built that brand, at least. I might not be flashy, I might not run my mouth, but you know there’s gonna be a fight when I’m involved and the fans do truly appreciate that. Fans who have been following the sport for a long time give me quite a bit of respect, and I’m truly appreciative of that and I’m willing to do what it takes to maintain that level of respect.”

Yup. Boetsch isn’t one of the promotion’s top draws, in terms of mainstream audiences, but the hardcore base understands that when he’s fighting, the chances of it being a dud are extremely slim.

And in terms of how he plans to approach his Carlos Jr. and his vaunted submission skills?

“…This guy (Carlos) is an awesome BJJ guy and obviously his game plan is gonna be to drag it to the ground, climb on my back and choke me out, just like he’s done everybody else he’s fought. So I’ll learn a couple things, shut that down, keep it standing, put a big right hand on him early and sign the check.”

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see if Boetsch can prevent Carlos Jr. from winning a fifth straight time.