It’s been one week since Conor McGregor prompted a collective gasp throughout the MMA world by chucking a dolly through a fighter bus window, and debate regarding the incident, continues. That’s what happens when the game’s biggest star does something, on video, which results in multiple charges.

Well, another of the sport’s most polarizing fighters is Michael Bisping, who like McGregor, is one of the best trash talkers in MMA. Recently the former middleweight champ was asked to weigh-in on what went down at UFC 223’s media day on the “Believe You Me” podcast, and here’s some of what he had to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I tell you right now, if that was Ray Borg that threw a dolly, if that was Rafael dos Anjos that did that, if it was f**king anyone else, they’d be gone. They would be so f**king done in the organization. But no, the footage is on the Embedded! And listen, if you’re the UFC, now you have to do Khabib vs. Conor, and that’s all the Countdown show will be. Conor running in there, smashing the window, Khabib’s reaction, all that type of stuff.

“At the end of the day, is that how you want people to behave? No, but can you turn it into a positive? Of course you f**king can and you can turn it into a s**t-ton of money. That is going to be a MASSIVE pay-per-view. 100 percent. Khabib already has a huge following. Conor, of course, massive following. Them two fight after all that? Forget about it. Well over 1.5 million buys.”

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Is Bisping on point here? In terms of the spirit of what he’s saying, it’s pretty hard to argue. After all, Jason High was punted from the UFC for shoving a ref back in 2014, when he disagreed with the fight being called. Paul Daley was banned by the promotion when he attempted to sucker punch Josh Koscheck after their 2010 fight concluded. Jesse Taylor was tossed from the TUF 7 Finale for kicking out the window of a limousine and for allegedly causing a scene at a hotel. So, ya, you have to wonder what would have happened if say Michael Chiesa had been behind the media day incident, rather than a victim of it.

That said, Jon Jones has certainly had his fair share of controversies, and he’ll very likely return to the Octagon. Other fighters have run afoul of the law and have fought again under the UFC banner. So ultimately, and as Bisping alluded to, the UFC’s not going to let the incident get in the way of booking what could be the biggest fight in MMA history.