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Mike Jackson has said that UFC 225 will mark the last time CM Punk fights in the cage; in fact, he’s guaranteed it, but will the former WWE star hang up the gloves if he loses again?

As you likely know, Punk made his MMA debut at UFC 203 in 2016, and was quickly submitted by Mickey Gall. Immediately after the fight, Dana White relayed that Punk likely wouldn’t be brought back. But over time, particularly after it was revealed that UFC 203 pulled very solid, pay-per-view numbers, that Punk might step in the Octagon again after all.

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Well, more recently it was announced that Jackson will face Punk on June 9th at UFC 225, which will go down in the latter’s hometown of Chicago. Recently Jackson spoke with FloCombat, and while doing so, he said this:

“I’m not going in there just to submit this guy. I said it before the Gall fight. Look I’m here to beat this dude up and show him this is not what he wants. There’s levels to this and he just went about it the wrong way…

“If he really just wanted to fight, he would have went with an amateur fight. But when you’re standing in a cage and somebody is about to punch you in the face, you want to get paid.”

“They paid him a half-a-million the last time. They’ll probably pay him another half-a-million this time and that will be it,” Jackson said. “This will be his last fight. I can guarantee that. Cause after I touch him, he ain’t going to want this no more.”

There you have it. Now, will Punk end his MMA dreams, if he loses to Jackson at UFC 225? It might depend on how the fight goes.

If he loses decisively, then, this could be it. If the fight goes down like Punk’s first fight, then, he may well decide it’s time to move on to something else.

But, by all accounts, Punk has taken his transition in MMA extremely seriously and is in the gym all the time. So, he clearly loves the lifestyle. Chances are the UFC won’t bring him back if he’s defeated, even if it’s a more competitive bout. But, you know that other promotions like Bellator would bring him on board, if Punk shows signs of improvement, and he wants to keep fighting.