Vitor Belfort has said, just recently in fact, that his bout tonight at UFC 224 is going to be the swan song of his career. But, if you’ve been thinking that may not end up being the case, well, it looks like you’re not off base.

Belfort has been talking about hanging up the gloves for quite some time now, but, the Brazilian star has also gone back-and-forth, in terms of if and when he’ll close out his fighting career. It wasn’t long ago that Belfort said he would be retiring from fighting, but that if the UFC created a “legends” division, he would keep competing.

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Then, it was reported “The Phenom” was thinking about extending his career, but outside the UFC, when his current deal is done. But, more recently, Belfort has said that his scrap tonight with Lyoto Machida will be the last of his storied career. So, guess that’s a wrap right? Hold on.

Recently Belfort spoke with Combate, and while doing so, he reportedly relayed he would be down to fight Fedor Emelianenko, if the money’s right (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“Fedor, that’s a fight that was supposed to happen back in Affliction” Belfort said. “I think he was supposed to fight Josh Barnett, who pulled out, and I was supposed to fight Jorge Santiago. So they asked me if I wanted to fight Fedor and I said ‘of course’, but it didn’t happen.”

“Fedor is a legend as well. It would’ve been so cool to fight him, it was a personal challenge. He was in his prime, he had never lost before. People told me I was crazy, but I told them to be cool, I was known for being a crazy dude since I was little. There’s lots of money in Russia now, there won’t be a lack of money to pay for this fight.”

Now, before you toss this into the ‘will never happen’ bin, you might want to reconsider. Yes, Fedor is competing in Bellator’s heavyweight grand prix, but once that concludes, you never know. A lot of folks would tune into watch Fedor – Belfort, and there’s no shortage of promotions outside the UFC that would take a long look at making this happen.