The chances of Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones fighting at this juncture, in a sanctioned bout anyways, are slim to none. But talk about the two throwing down is making headlines once again.

Why’s that? Well, if you missed it, yesterday Liddell appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and he relayed that he is officially, ending his retirement. “The Iceman” is targeting a third bout with Tito Ortiz, but Liddell also said his comeback isn’t reliant on a fight with Ortiz happening.

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In addition, during the segment, Liddell said he’s still hoping to face Jones. The former light-heavyweight champ has said in the past he believes he matches up well with “Bones”, and the heavy handed legend still wants to test that hypothesis.

Well, following Liddell’s appearance, Jones tweeted out these comments.

Now, as noted above, really, the likelihood of these two throwing hands in an official, MMA bout is very, very, very…very… unlikely. Dana White said back in 2010 that he was done promoting bouts with the legend, and by all indications, Liddell is going to sign with Oscar De La Hoya’s new MMA promotion.

Sure, the UFC has done some things in recent years no one thought was possible – like having CM Punk join the promotion with no pro fighting experience – but, it would be shocking if they resigned Liddell, regardless of whether he wins his next bout. Much less tap a 48 year-old, who was stopped in his last three bouts, to face one of the greatest fighters on the planet.

Further, when Jones returns, he’s likely going to be thrust into the championship picture of the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, and then possibly at heavyweight as well.