In recent months, Tyron Woodley repeatedly argued that Colby Covington hadn’t done enough to earn a title shot, and the welterweight champ also actively campaigned for super fights with stars like Georges St-Pierre and Nate Diaz. But, following UFC 225, it looks like Woodley has his sights solely set on “Chaos”.

Covington has been trashing Woodley through the media and online for months now, and while the latter would return verbal fire, it was clear that bout wasn’t front-and-center for him. This past weekend, Covington secured the interim belt by earning a decision over Rafael dos Anjos, and then afterwards, he blasted Woodley once again.

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Well, since then, Woodley did a live chat via social media, and the champ reportedly went off on his sort of teammate / rival (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Colby Covington is coming to get his ass whooped,” Woodley said. “I ain’t never in my life, I ain’t never in my career, I ain’t never in my existence as an adult human being wanted to f**k somebody up so bad, beat somebody so bad, embarrass somebody so bad, end his career so bad, take his life so bad — and I don’t even say that figuratively. Literally, I’m gonna try to hurt him so f**king bad they’re never gonna want to let me fight in the UFC again, that’s a fact.”

“Number one, he’s a poser,” Woodley said. “Our sport has been so dead that everybody wants to believe it. They want to believe in the hype because we don’t have nothing else riding right now. Jon Jones is out for a minute, Conor’s out for a minute, Ronda’s getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. As far as stars in the UFC, they’re lacking so we are willing to accept the bulls**t that comes out of this kid’s face. Everything is a complete fraud…It’s not gonna be no first round knockout. I’m gonna embarrass you, I’m gonna talk to you the whole f**king fight, I’m gonna tell the referee to get back, do not get in my way, do not stop this, I’ll tell you when it’s time to stop this.”

So, ya. Now is there a chance that Woodley’s playing this up a bit? Since it seems pretty clear that he’s going to be fighting Covington next? Maybe. But, considering all the things Covington has said about him the last year or so, chances are there’s plenty of ill will here to go around.

This rivalry could end up being a really good thing for Woodley. The champ has his fans, no question, but it’s probably safe to say that he’s not one of the UFC’s biggest draws. So, this beef with Covington could take Woodley to the next level in terms of profile. It should do the same for “Chaos” as well, whether that’s via more fans or just haters.