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It’s time once again for another season of “Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight” – the show that’s mixes travelogue with violence and hi-jinks.

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Thus far, we’ve seen the eponymous hero travel to, well, everywhere there happens to be local MMA shows. With fellow adventurers Matt Serra and Din Thomas in tow, White takes in the local cuisine, maybe does something goofy (like get purposely zapped with a taser), and then the trio sits cageside like three visiting kings while minor league fighters do their best to showcase their skills and earn a UFC contract.

Sometimes, we get some gems, like Sage Northcutt. Other times, we get some green kids who have no business being in the Octagon yet, like Sage Northcutt.

Either way, it’s decent video content, and definitely something an ESPN looked at and said, “Okay, sure, this is worth an extra million bucks.”

Watch and enjoy White and company’s trip to Mexico below, in which Serra gets eaten by a dolphin.