Al Iaquinta has been at odds with the UFC and Dana White before, and has had zero problem letting the public know that in the past. Now, following the news the promotion plans to end the early weigh-ins, Iaquitna has blasted the UFC boss man again.

Recently White raised eyebrows when he revealed that the UFC is working with commissions to end the early weigh-in format, and instead, hold the weigh-ins in the late afternoon like before. The move is being made as a result of the rise in fighters missing weight.

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Well, the news wasn’t greeted warmly by every fighter, and several voiced their displeasure via social media. This prompted media members to ask White whether the fighters had been consulted, and the UFC President claimed that the company’s research found the majority of their fighters prefer the afternoon weigh-ins.

Iaquinta appeared on Monday’s “MMA Hour”, and while discussing the situation, “Ragin’ Al” let loose (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“His sense of reality is gone,” Iaquinta said. “It’s gone. It’s shot. It’s absolutely shot. It’s scary. Now he’s putting our health at risk. He’s going to move the weigh-ins? So why did you move the weigh-ins in the first place? Because, in his mind, he wants more exciting fights. How are you going to get more exciting fights? Give the fighters more time to recover, right? Which is also beneficial to us because it’s healthy. It’s healthy for us to replenish.

“Even though it’s healthier for the fighters, we’re going to move it back to the nighttime, because he interviewed a million fighters? I haven’t seen one that want it at night. So his sense of reality, you can’t — it’s almost like, you do an interview with him now, it’s not about the truth, it’s about his agenda. So, I’m weighing-in in the morning.”

If you’ve followed Iaquinta over the years, then his willingness to trash White will probably not surprise you. In fact, the heavy handed fighter went on to say that he doesn’t “care” if he gets cut.

Whether you think the weigh-ins should be held in the morning or afternoon, however, it does look like fighters weren’t really looped in on this decision. After all, if they were directly consulted, it wouldn’t have prompted the reaction it has from various competitors.

Until or unless the fighters unionize, however, they could be on the outside looking in on even more pivotal decisions moving forward.