Michael Bisping continues to get face time on account of his commentating and analyst duties with the UFC, but it looks like “The Count” is hoping to be on the silver screen more, now that he’s hung up the gloves.

After months of speculation and debate as to whether we would see Bisping back in the Octagon for another scrap, the British star finally announced last month that he was done fighting. Bisping cited concerns over his eyesight, as the main reason why he ultimately decided, he needed to walk away from competitive life.

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Well, if you’re an avid fan, then you know Bisping has been a commentator on Fox Sports, UFC broadcasts for a little while now. More recently, Bisping was also added to the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series broadcasts as well.

The 39 year-old recently spoke with MMA Weekly about his decision to retire from fighting, and what the future holds for him. While doing so, Bisping reported the following:

“If it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would have [retired],” Bisping said, while referring to his gigs outside of fighting. “Even though the injuries and all the rest of it, I probably would have hung around and tried to get a few more paydays. But with all these other things going on, 100-percent I don’t need to do this anymore.”

“That is my primary focus. I’ve got all this other stuff. The acting is where my primary focus is,” Bisping added. “I’ve got a lot of passion for it. I’ve got a great agent, a lot of stuff bubbling, a lot of things going on. He’s been on me for a while ‘Mike, you need to retire so you can focus on this properly’. Now that wasn’t the reason [I retired]. The reason was because the time was right for me to move away.

“But now I can focus on that 100-percent. Let’s see what we can do. Let’s shoot for the stars.”

There you have it. Now, I haven’t seen Bisping act, but he does a pretty good job of commentating, and that shouldn’t be a surprise, considering his  well documented abilities on the mic. So, by all indications, it looks like Bisping is set up nicely for life after fighting, which is great. A lot of fighters don’t have a good paying job / career to transition into, when they decide to hang them up.