Israel Adesanya recently said he’s down to fight the legendary Anderson Silva. So, is the former middleweight champ and G.O.A.T contender up for it? It’s not really clear just yet…

Recently USADA announced that Silva will be eligible to return to the cage on November 10th, after he tested positive for banned substances last year. The organization determined, however, that the positive test was due to a contaminated supplement Silva took, and as a result, he’s received a one year, retroactive suspension.

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Well, since that news came out, there’s been a lot of talk regarding who and when Silva will fight next. One name that’s been bantered about is rising star, Israel Adesanya, and that buzz got back to him. Recently the ridiculously talented striker posted the images and comments below.

So what does Silva think about facing “The Last Stylebender”? Recently the Brazilian star spoke with CBS Sports, and when asked to respond to Adesanya’s call out, he said this:

“I don’t know this name, this guy. I don’t know who is this guy. I’m so sorry, but I don’t know. I’ll go check. But that’s good, that’s good. I don’t know who this guy is, but now I’m just staying my focus on myself with me and my family and my team and my company. Let’s go see. I don’t know who is this guy, but I go check and I come back to talk to you about this guy.”

There you have it. Now does Silva truly not know who Adesanya is? It’s possible. Silva has never really seemed to be a hardcore observer of the game, in terms of watching each event etc. So, you never know. Maybe he hasn’t heard of Adesanya just yet.

Does this mean the bout won’t happen? No. It’s not like Silva said he’s only interested in fighting a top five ranked middleweight etc, and Adesanya does have a lot of hype these days. This is a bout that the UFC could definitely use as a headliner for a Fight Night card, or as the co-headliner for a pay-per-view.

In summary, let’s hope this fight happens….