It’s been nearly ten years now (hard to believe) since Jose Aldo quickly put away Cub Swanson at WEC 41, but, the latter is still interested in running it back with the legendary fighter.

Swanson faced Aldo way back in June, 2009, as the latter was climbing the featherweight ranks of the now defunct organization. The bout provided a glimpse of the glory Aldo was about to embark on in the coming years, as he finished Swanson in just 8 seconds, via a vicious flying knee.

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Well, fast forward to today, and Aldo is coming off a pivotal, stoppage win over Jeremy Stephens at UFC on FOX 30 last weekend. The victory ended a two fight losing skid for the former champ, and ensured the star remains within reach of another title shot.

In advance of Swanson’s bout with Renato “Moicano” tonight at UFC 227, the rugged vet was asked for his take on Aldo’s win (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I was proud of him,” Swanson said. “It was good to see the emotion on him. We all know what it’s like to have the ups and downs in this sport. I was truly happy for him and I think a lot of people were as well. But yeah, I definitely would like to run it back and maybe the time is soon.”

“I’ve got to get this guy out of the way,” Swanson added, while referring to “Moicano”. “I’ve got another Brazilian striker in front of me and I’ll take care of that and we’ll see what happens.”

That’s a classy response from Swanson, and not to different from the one Conor McGregor gave recently, when he was asked to comment on Aldo’s win.

In terms of Aldo – Swanson II, however, could it happen? It might.

Currently Swanson is ranked #5 at 145, and Aldo is #2. Since Aldo has already defeated Frankie Edgar twice, who is ranked #3, and if Brian Ortega (#1) faces the champ Max Holloway next, that doesn’t give Aldo a lot of options. Stephens is #4. So, if Swanson gets by “Moicano” tonight, you never know. You would think the UFC would be interested in putting a rematch together.

UFC 227 will take place in Los Angeles, California.