At UFC 227 last night, TJ Dillashaw put away Cody Garbrandt away even quicker than he did in their first encounter, and the bantamweight champ believes “No Love’s” technique and chin, or lack there of, is why.

Not long into Saturday’s headliner, the rivals started throwing heavy, heavy shots. Garbrandt tagged Dillashaw with a thumping punch, but the champ blasted his former teammate with a huge shot of his own that sent him to the floor. Garbrandt attempted to recover and battled on, but Dillashaw swarmed in with a vicious series of strikes, and eventually the fight was stopped.

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Well, after the memorable scrap, Dillashaw had this to say about Garbrandt, while discussing what led to his win (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I think he has some technical problems that he needs to fix,” Dillashaw said. “And I really don’t believe he’s got a chin. He plays a dangerous game. He likes to get in there and he likes to slug it.”

“We were planning on him throwing a right hand. Every time he throws a right hand, he drops his left. He’s looking to throw a left hook. He’s fast. He throws a big right, left hand. But he drops it to his pocket. So were planning on timing it.”

“…I wasn’t going to let off. There’s no way. I’m too mean. I’m gonna go until I win. I didn’t have a problem giving him a little extra, too. That knee was a pretty hard knee. I felt that one and that finished him off.”

It was an impressive performance by Dillashaw, no question.  But, you have to wonder how much their emotions played a part in the wild, and somewhat reckless exchanges. Especially for Garbrandt, who was taken out by Dillashaw last November in their first bout. During fight week, Garbrandt relayed that he was focused, and that Dillashaw wasn’t getting to him mentally like before.

All this aside, it will be interesting to see what comes next for both men. Dillashaw has potential challengers like Marlon Moraes and in particular, Dominick Cruz, who holds a win over him.

Garbrandt, meanwhile, will likely be booked to face another top contender.  What about a fight with Jimmie Rivera?