Daniel Cormier was extremely vocal about the fact he believes Demetrious Johnson should get tapped for an immediate rubber match with Henry Cejudo. So, does the two-champ believe Stipe Miocic should also get a crack at the belt that “DC” just took from him?

Cejudo stunned the sports world on Saturday at UFC 227, by working his way to a split decision win over Johnson. The fight ended Johnson’s lengthy reign as the flyweight champ, and halted his title defense record at a stunning, 11.

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Well, due to Johnson’s aforementioned run as champ, the fact that he narrowly lost the title, and because he quickly took out Cejudo in 2016, many have said the star deserves an immediate rematch. Case in point, during the broadcast, Cormier had this to say about that very subject (quote via MMA Fighting):

“…But if anybody deserves a rematch, it’s Demetrious Johnson. Come on, he lost a split decision after 11 title defenses. If Demetrious Johnson doesn’t get a rematch, there is no hope for any of us in the entire world, because that means that nothing you could ever do will warrant getting an immediate title shot [rematch].”

Yup. Hard to argue with that. But, then Cormier’s broadcasting partner, Joe Rogan, brought up the fact that Brock Lesnar is going to fight “DC” next, and not Miocic. The latter defended the heavyweight title a record three times, and Lesnar has no official wins on his record since 2010. Here’s what Cormier had to say in response:

“[Miocic] should [get a rematch], but he went three [defenses]. Three is a lot different than 11,” Cormier said. “And also, if Brock Lesnar was staring at Stipe, that would happen, but I’ll tell you this right now, I’ll tell you this on record: If Brock Lesnar doesn’t make it to the fight for any reason, I’ll fight Stipe again. That is not a problem.”

Is there a difference here? Yes. It is true that Johnson’s run as champ was much, much longer that Miocic’s, and, he also holds a win over Cejudo. But, it’s also true that Lesnar has no business fighting for a title from a meritocratic perspective.

All this aside, recently Johnson revealed that he sustained knee and foot injuries in his bout with Cejudo, so he could be sidelined for a while. As a result, the UFC might move forward and have Cejudo fight in the interim anyways.